Mary Anne Dente

Expressing my love of the natural world through drawing and painting has been a life long passion. I am moved by the rhythm and resilience of nature as seen in forests and landscapes, seascapes, or even the tangled mass of a garden. In my travels, I paint the scenes that move me, attempting to capture the vibrancy of nature and the atmosphere of place. Regardless of my subject, texture and colour tend to be dominant elements in my oil and acrylic paintings.

Oil and acrylic on canvas or birch panel are my preferred materials. I enjoy the viscosity and immediacy of oils, as well as the glazing and layering potential of acrylics. India ink drawings and acrylic washes are usually the first step when setting up my compositions. I continue with oils, trying to complete the balance of the painting in one sitting. I find this results in a more dynamic and energetic piece. I generally work with plein air sketches and photographs which I work up in the studio. I also paint directly en plein air using oils. 

My training has included working with artists at Central Technical Art School, Sheridan College, Neilson Park Creative Centre, and the Haliburton School of the Arts. Since retiring from full time teaching I have continued to practice my craft as well as conduct art workshops for children and adults in my studio in Stratford, Ontario. My work can be found in private collections in New Zealand, Florida, California and Ontario. Presently I am showing work at Village Studios in Stratford, Ontario.